Top 5 Albums of 2016

2016 was definitely a year that everyone was blessed with amazing music from all different sorts of artists. From releases in pop to rap to rock, it was for sure a very musical year. My top 5 albums of 2016 will be more focused on the rock genre since that is what I listen to. If you have yet to hear about any of these albums or bands, be sure to check them out. There’s not much to lose from listening to new music.

5. I Couldn’t Be Weaker // Rarity 

I discovered this band back in July of 2016 when they opened up for Seaway in Toronto. I checked out a few of their songs before attending their concert and I was certainly impressed. When I finally sat down and listened to their album in full, there are definitely no songs that I would skip. From front to back, it is a beautifully written album that connects to me a lot which is one of the reasons why I love this album so much. Some personal favourites off of this record are Hollow, Stranger and Exhale.


4. Evermore // Homesafe

This album only came out a bit over a month ago and I infact did not actually check out this album until a couple weeks after it’s release but regardless, I was very glad I decided to give this album a play. I was instantly hooked on the first track, headache which is also one of my favourites off of this record. Every song gets  me in all different ways and it is definitely one of the records I jam out to the most currenty. This album has also made me want to see them live, which I might since they are coming next month. Some personal favourites off this record are Headache and Hourglass.


3. Blush // Moose Blood

2 words. Mind blowing. I honestly love moose blood with all my heart and are in fact seeing them in March which makes me even more excited. Blush is such a beautifully written album that is calming in a way. Listening to this album constantly just makes me melt and Eddie’s voice is just so relaxing and nice. Also, can I just say how aesthetic this album cover is though? It just goes so well with the name and forever digging the simplicity. Some personal favourites off of this record are Knuckle, Sulk and Freckle.


2. Holy Ghost // Modern Baseball

Really wish I got into this band earlier because they are out of this world. I’ve actually checked them out maybe a year ago and I definitely could not say I liked this band but months later when I decided to check them out again, I instantly fell in love. Holy Ghost, released in May 2016 features many tracks that will instantly have you in love with this band. I love the sound of this album and each individual track is amazing in it’s own way. Some personal favourites off of this album are Note to Self, Everyday and Just Another Face.


1. Outgrown Things // Movements

I’d be lying if I say I do not basically jam this EP practically every day because it is THAT good. I discovered Movements back in march when they opened up for Real Friends on their $5 tour and I have been a fan ever since. Over the past few months, this band has become one of my favourites. Outgrown things to me, has no flaw. It’s such a perfect album in my eyes and a solid 5/5. The lyrics to every song hits so me so hard and the vocals and music are just magnificent. Nineteen was the first song I ever discovered from them and a part of the song goes “Sucess is not determined by leather bond books or ink on paper” and I feel as if this one lyrics has helped me these painful school years. Movements is definitely a band to check out if you haven’t yet and they are also releasing an album sometime in the summer. Personal favourites off this EP are worst wishes but honestly, they are all pretty equal to me.


Seaway Concert

Yesterday was honestly such an sick night, I wish I could relive it so badly. Last night reminded me of why I love music and concerts so much, it’s what I live for. Shoutout to the guy who asked me if I was okay like 5 times and helped me get back up, like bless his soul but anyways, if you haven’t heard of Seaway, definitely take some time to check them out. They’re one hell of a good band and crazy good live. Last night’s concert was so hectic, I legit got like 1 photo. But who am I to complain because I think last night I really genuinely lived through the concert with my eyes and not with my phone. I should do that more often.

I want to do more music posts on this blog but I fear that many would not care? I’m not sure, I guess I’ll see how it goes. Anywho, last few days have been on the good side of things and we’re heading to the end of July and I’ll be real, July has been a pretty good month.