the person behind the face

I’ll start off with a little introduction about myself. I’m Caitlin honestly, I’m not all that good about talking about myself. Let’s just say my life is very much revolved around music because if anything, that’s the one thing that makes me happy and always will. I’m generally into rock music and honestly I live for concerts which is why I’ll probably start a series where I do concert diaries which will be fun.

My ultimate unrealistic dream is to be in a band but I guess realistically speaking, my dream is to be a music photography, someone like Adam Elmakias who heavily inspires me. I’m not all that good at photography but hey, a dream’s a dream.

Alright let’s get into favourites. Favourite movie, well I don’t really enjoy watching movies but I do love A Walk To Remember which is an excellent but sad movie. I watch way too many tv shows but some favourites are definitely the 100 and How I Met Your Mother. Favourite colour would be none I guess? I don’t really look at a colour and just be like wow, that’s my favourite colour although I did use to say my favourite colour was purple.

This blog will mostly just be used for my daily rambles (which I am going to try to make it a goal to blog everyday because I think it’ll be nice to look back a year from now and know my thoughts), concert diaries, reviews and a lot of food related things because I did originally want to start a food blog.

Anyway, I’m not sure if anybody will ever even read this but I hope you’ll take one thing from reading about me. I’m. Not. Interesting.


2 thoughts on “the person behind the face

  1. jewels45 says:

    I think you sound very interesting! You can see yourself doing something you like, or more than one thing that interests you. Sometimes it takes a while to realize your dream or even to realize that your dream may indeed be something else! Something totally different. It sounds like you have plenty of time to figure it out, so have fun while doing that. Keep writing, you learn a lot about yourself and other people this way. And….. my favorite color is purple. Even my horse wears purple! 🙂

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