Dear Past Me,

Dear past me,

If I remember correctly, these next few weeks are very bittersweet for you. This time, when you were completely alone, when all your friends left you and you practically had no one, it never completely goes away but trust me, it gets a whole lot better. Cherish the new friendships that you did make because in a few months, you barely talk to any of these people anymore. Be proud of the decision you made, to transfer schools, just embrace the decision you made because either way, you’ll regret it, transfer or not.

I can tell you that although the year was horrible, thinking back, it wasn’t too bad. You made new friends, found a best friend that you now talk with everyday despite haven’t seen her for almost a year now, and you did a bunch of cool stuff. Don’t doubt yourself in every situation possible, and try to be confident. It’ll help you get through a lot and make your life easier.

If there’s anything you should take away from this horrid year of yours, its that you’ve grown to not have to depend on people all the damn time. You’ve become so much more independent and you should think of that as a good thing. You’ll come to learn why in the future. And keep having to depend on yourself because no one’s gonna be there for you except yourself. I know that pretty cliche for me to say, and believe me, I hate most things cliche but I guess their cliche for a reason, it’s cause their the truth. Continue to have a blast and enjoy every moment, because in a few months, you’ll start to become way to nostalgic over this time.



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