I’m kind of speechless, knowing that it is already may (or almost at least). Summer is nearing and school can finally be over but I can’t help but hope time would pass by a tad slower. I am the type to get nostalgic a lot and I’m constantly getting hung over the concept of time. But at the same time, it’s also a bit of a wake up call, for me to do something more with my life instead of being coped up in my room the entire day (which is not recommended). I decided to make a list of 10 things I would do in May, and hopefully keep myself occupied throughout the month.

  • Make a zine
  • Go to a cute coffee shop
  • Take lots of photos, LOTS
  • Go boarding every weekend
  • Keep this blog active and try to blog a few times every week
  • Start planning for your short film
  • Buy a new plant
  • Make a list of new foods to make so you can stop eating pasta every day
  • Redecorate your room
  • FIND. A. JOB.

Cheers to hopefully a good May.


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