Volunteering Abroad

I was always intrigued with the idea of doing an exchange program for years when my sister embarked on her trip for 10 months in a different country. After several years, I have slowly pushed that idea away and lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about volunteering abroad. Back in November, I spent days researching and finding different companies but I decided not to because of finances. However, I told myself if I found a job, I would definitely push myself to do this. Of course, I never found one and decided to push that thought away.

A few days ago, I began thinking about this and decided to start job searching more seriously. After a while of searching, I found the one program that interests me greatly. As for myself, I have always wanted to do something conservation wise and therefore, I have currently settled for a program in Africa that revolves around conservation. Am I for sure doing this? 110% no. Finances is the biggest problem. I have no intention of asking my parents for money. Moreover, it sounds exciting at first but when I start to think about it for too long, I get scared? It’s a really big risk to take for me, just being thousand of miles away from home alone? That scares me. I’m afraid that I’ll end up being uncomfortable and alone? Travelling somewhere else for 2 weeks alone is just very outside of my comfort zone. However, I am determined to push myself to do this and regardless if this happens or not, I know for a fact that in the near future after I graduate, I will definitely do this. As for now, here goes for more contemplating on this idea.


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