Why School Is A Struggle

I don’t consider myself as one of the typical “I hate school” people but nevertheless, I do hate school. Not for the obvious work load and exams problems (although is probably still a factor). Don’t get me wrong, I think learning is such a great thing, the fact that I can learn new topics and different things to do everyday is pretty fascinating to me. However let’s start with the obvious ones first. Work and constant projects we get bombarded with. It’s different within each school, city and country the amount of work we get but I wish teachers would consider more about teaching us then the amount of work we get. I understand why we get homework and projects and they’re okay from time to time but sometimes it gets so hectic to the point where we have to pull all nighters and be pulled away from our actual life.

Marks. The past year and a half, I have slowly grown away from caring so much about marks as I did 2 years ago but it still bothers me how there are teachers who judge you based on what you’re getting in their class. For most people, these numbers take over their head and let them define them as who you are but in reality, these marks don’t mean much other then what you are receiving in each class. What if you’re trying really hard in this class and putting your best effort in it and receive a 65? I used to let these numbers get all over my head and I often forgot the part where I tried my best and if that is going to get me a 65, then so be it.

People. As for myself, I have really bad social anxiety (although I think it has improved over the last year), I am horrible at speaking to people, oral presentations, really horrible at making friends, you get the point. It is often so hard to just get through school when you constantly have such bad anxiety. Moreover, there are just some people who make it harder for you to get through the day whether it be your ‘friends’ or just people in your grade. Of course, you can’t forget about the teachers who don’t teach? For example, I have this one course that I’m taking that I absolutely enjoy but the teacher makes it miserable for the entire class making me dread this class every single day.

Pressure. Especially from parents. For someone who has an older sibling who basically exceeded in all her subjects, it’s mildly difficult. I always feel like I have to live up to what she did when she was in my grade. My parents told me once that it’s not important if I don’t get the same marks as my sister but then start bashing about me with other people isn’t exactly comforting?

There’s far more many reasons as to why school is a struggle and I’ll maybe perhaps make a part 2 in the near future as I can ramble forever about this topic. School is great in so many aspects but for me at this point of my life, the struggles and negativity of schools trumps the positive points of school.


3 thoughts on “Why School Is A Struggle

  1. Regina5000 says:

    This post was so true! XD
    I hate when teachers judge you for your marks, and it’s even worse when they have a fave student and it shows A LOT!! XD Not that I wanna be their favorite, but I guess we all deserve equality.
    I also hate when teachers over-exaggerate with homework. Doing homework can help you kinda remember things and put them in practice, but it doesn’t mean we should get bombarded with tons of homework we’re not even gonna do well because of the stress and that we may not even remember when studying for the test.
    I don’t get a lot of pressure with grades, well, I also get quite good ones. But of course my parents want me to do well in the subjects.
    Again, I loved this post!! XD Looking forward to part 2!!! XD
    P.S. Sorry for the essay comment!

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