Goodbye ’16, Hello ’17

I have not posted anything on this blog in almost half a year but ‘What better time to get back into blogging than at the beginning of a new year?’ So I guess here I am? I am going to expand this blog more and work on building it while writing about what I like to write about.

So, 2016. Not sure if I could call it a blur but I can for sure say it’s been a heck of a ride to get me to where I am as of now. As many negative things there were that have happened last year, there were tons of good things as well. I think what made my year so hectic and fun were the amount of concerts I went to last year. I had a goal to go to 5 concerts last year as I was just starting to go to concerts regularly. Ended up going to 11-12 and throughout all those concerts, I’ve learned how happy it makes me. Some might call this cheesy but concerts are like my second home if not my first. Moreover, last year, I decided to take another big leap and change the course of my life in hopes of becoming happier. I decided to transfer schools (yet again) to where most of my friends were. and damn were the first few months probably the worst of the entire year. I ended up missing the friendships I made at my old school and constantly was feeling alone but here I am though, in 2017 and I can say it’s not as bad anymore. I still get unhappy from time to time, sometimes I still don’t understand why I ever wanted to transfer in the first place but it’s gotten better.

On to 2017 though, I don’t think I’ve always  been much of a fan of New Years. Mainly because I’m not too keen on the aspect of time, and how it just keeps going? The fact that it is going to be a whole new year and I am going to be one year older sort of freaks me out in a way? Regardless I am excited for the new year and all the new memories and laughter that will come. I have only started to regularly attend concerts last year, making this year a lot more exciting for me just thinking about the amount of concerts I’ll be attending. Also, I can get my drivers license this year and I’ve always wanted to drive so that’s something exciting for this year. Regardless of what happens in 2017 though, I’m confident that at the end of the year, I’ll look back and be able to reflect on the hundreds of good things that happened throughout the year.

To anyone reading, I hope you end up going out of your comfort zone this year and do things that you enjoy. Hope all goes well this year and have a happy new year.



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