I’ve been feeling so lost the past few weeks, like a part of me is just empty. Recently, I’ve just been so distant from my so called ‘friends’ or ‘best friends’. I don’t know what we are even though I’ve known them my whole life but that’s the thing about me. I absolutely suck at maintaining any sort of relationship. There are times when I just become so distant with people and I push everyone out of my life. At the end of the day. that just leaves me all alone questioning just about everything in my life. Feeling alone is one of the absolute worst feelings because its that feeling that hits you. The feeling where you realize you pretty much got no one.

Sure, I’ve got people, I’ve got friends here and there but their not people I would ever share my personal problems with. To be someone who just always wants to scream out everything’s that on their mind and all the trouble their going through, it’s difficult not to have someone who will actually genuinely listen through all that crap. I’ve gone through countless situations where even if I do tell someone about what’s going on in my mind, they’ll shove it off and think it’s no big deal and go on about their own personal problems. The past year or so has definitely been rough and been probably the most alone I’ve ever felt but I guess I’m  trying to get myself through all that.


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