There’s almost nothing better than live music

To me, live music is almost unexplainable because it has given me this feeling that I can’t explain. Concerts are the one thing that are so important to me because they give me a break from reality. It makes me so incredibly happy that I can’t explain which is why concerts mean the world to me. My first concert (if you don’t count Warped Tour) was the AP tour with Mayday Parade (one of my absolute favourite bands) headlining and the supporting bands were Real Friends, As It Is and This Wild Life. I still remember during Mayday Parade’s set, I was singing along to the lyrics and jumping around and then it hit me. I can’t really explain the exact feeling but I felt so incredibly free and I was incredibly happy for once. That feeling I got at that concert is the reason why that is my favourite concert I’ve ever attended and one of the best days of my life.

Happiness. Concerts give me that and that reason alone is why there’s nothing better than live music, to me at least.


2 thoughts on “There’s almost nothing better than live music

  1. vincentcarlos says:

    I rarely go to concerts, just not my thing, but I agree that live music is better than recorded music. the environment, sound and culture at concerts always seem to get lost when listening to the same song through headphones

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    • Caitlin says:

      I agree and just being in an area where everyone has this one common interest with you is amazing and because of concerts, I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people, it’s great.

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