I used to be big on the whole thing where I shouldn’t regret something that I have once wanted but I now realize that doesn’t work anymore. Even if I did want it at one point, things change, I change and everything around me changes. This goes back to what I was saying yesterday with this whole decision and all this regret is getting to me and I have no clue whatsoever on how to deal with this emotion. It’s just always there, left to be undealt with. I wish I could change it and push this regret away but that’s not possible. Gosh, is it so hard to get through a day without having to deal with a problem, having to deal with my mind? I guess not and maybe that’s why life can be so hard because there’s never this break. Wherever you go, whenever it is, there will always be some sort of problem that arises. I guess we should all just make the most of this problematic life. Gosh, if only I could listen to my own advice, wouldn’t that be great.


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